I remember Halloween...

These photos are from all over the place. Basically, from Halloween comes early all the way through real Halloween. A lot went on in there and there were definitely too many parties. But it was fun.

There's a hole-in-the-wall Ethiopian place by my house. It's in this weird industrial looking building. The food is great and cheap. On the way to the bathroom I came across this hall of flags.

Then, there was this great sign posted in the bathroom.

Steve beats his meat.

On Friday night we went to a basement show.

Pure Country Gold played.

The bathroom at the Know.

The other bathroom at the Know.


What's the deal with this guy?

Cocksucking Lesbians?

Andrew double fists some phones.

But it's just a warm up for triple fisting some beers.

Alyson and Amy. That's Johnny's finger. I did that to about 15 of his pictures from the weekend before.

This makes me think of the song "Two tickets to paradise" by Eddie Money.

The beginnings of Pat's costume. He initially wanted to be a stripper pole.

On the Saturday before Halloween I gathered with Ethan, Kyle, and James for the annual Alley Cat Race. Last year was a blast and Ethan ended up riding around in a hearse drinking til 5 am. That's the kind of good times we expected when heading out as a bunch of graduates with wizard staffs. One of the stops was way down the Springwater Corridor.

A toast to Verg who was in Astoria.

We abandoned the race and barged the Nemo party.

Staff Meeting.

The dude barn.

2 weeks in a row Lovejoy had the scariest costume because of how close it comes to reality.

Those girls look confused.

Pat: "Did you drink all those beers?"
Ethan: "NO!..... I drank 6 more!"

Dogs love Hamms.

A family of raccoons.


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