Back a few weeks ago we had a BBQ. This was when we thought summer was about to hit full swing. Before there was 2 weeks straight of rain and no sun.

Andrew never comes empty handed.

Is that a small beer or are Andrew's hands and head really large?

Triple cuddle with Dave, Craig, and Diesel.



Amidst all this late spring rain, recently a small crew of us were able to find a weekend window of sun for a road trip. Van rented, hotel secured, we headed up interstate five to Seattle, hitting spots along the way.

Highlights included: one busted toe nail, one rolled ankle, realizing we're old, one near fight, plenty of nerve damage, one mustache, countless inside jokes, one birthday, sick spots, and a local at marginal way dislocating his ankle so bad that his foot bent 90 degrees, thus squeezing our stomachs and bringing the consensus decision that it was time to head back to Portland.

Below are a few of my rollei and digi picks (including a couple old ones not trip related) and then the long awaited episode three as a companion!!!!

ooooowwwwwwwww hammmmmpfffff!!!


Steve nose wheelie at a sick waterfront ledge spot in Tacoma.


the whip.


Spencer ollie at the Seattle Center park which is pretty amazing. and empty???

Obligatory space needle pic.

clowns part 1.

clowns part 2.

birthday clown.

ladies and gentlemen....O.M.K.

The rest are a few old pics that were on the same roll of film.

Brandon ollie.

Derek 5-0.

man down.


DUDE BARN EPISODE THREE. from Dude Barn. on Vimeo.


Twitter dat

So, you should notice the new Twitter feed over on the right side of the page. I'm guessing this was born out of boredom on the dudebarn trip to Seattle (there better be a blog post about that!). A majority of the barn made the trek to shred the other Pacific Northwest metropolis. May the twitter bring many quotes and mobile uploads to the masses.

I would have been involved but I'm too busy shredding Berlin and German beers.


Just Skateboarding in Toledo

Derek's former boss holds it down on Toledo's morning show. What, no dudebarn shoutout?


The Return of Tent City

Nice Portland weather means that Tent City has started at the dudebarn. Due to being sick I missed out on the most of the antics of the Maryland boys. I would have liked to see Mark Weeks get kicked out of the Sandy Hut. That takes skill.

Hopefully those dudes aren't too lazy and will post their photos on RetardedWolves. Or maybe someone else from the dudebarn should post.... ahem.


Stuff from my office 4.

The number 1 beer in the Philippines. A gift from Santino that works at our coffee shop.


What are you, a goddamned environmentalist?

Took in a Beavers game one Sunday afternoon. Good times at the ballpark.

Brandon's 30th birthday kicked off at the barn. Ben tried the illusive rock kickflip to fakie and you know Healy's got 5-0s on lock.

The "no baked goods" rule was broken early and Derek smashed a cupcake in Dave's face.

Dave was in charge of the fire, of course. It was fine until he burned skatelite and got mad at me about it.

Conor pointed.

Pictures with the birthday boy.

Ryan, this is why your ribs hurt.

Awesome Dave smashes cans.

Since it was the Kentucky Derby, we thought a trip the horse track was in order. While seeing horses race live was rad, dealing with the crowd was like a big anxiety attack.

Kyle and Lucy had a Derby party. Conor held a chickn.

Riley and Conor had their own race. No shoes, Riley without pants.

Race 1 went to Riley but on round 2 he took quite a spill.

Saturday night the Mean Jeans were supposed to play a house show/party where some kids' house was in foreclosure. Word was that they wanted to destroy the house. I saw a kid show up with a hammer. The basement was trashed when we showed up and things just escalated from there. It didn't take long for 15 cops and 2 fire trucks to show up.

Dudebarn ramp.

Sunday afternoon chilling. Them Toledo kids don't play around. And this is what happens to full beers in a fire.

Dave needed a coping cat nap.

Say hello to my new basement roommate, Awesome Dave.