One massive update post.

Excuses, excuses.  Here are a lot of photos that I should have posted a while ago.  I guess I haven't been shooting enough digital photos.  And I've been lazy about posting.  This is me getting caught up.

I went to Montreal for some skateboarding, I mean work.  Such a great city.  Spots for days, awesome locals (yeah Drew and Chuck!), and pretty girls in every direction.  If you've been following along you saw some in the moment phone shots already and the videos that Lucas made.

Warm up park.

Drew, smith grind at the O.

Anatomy of a photoshoot.



Spot lurking.

Jake was going big.

 Back in Portland, I fell on my hurt hand.

Then Halloween happened.  Andreas came to town and we put together some amazing last-minute costumes courtesy of Goodwill and some well placed Dave Matthews Band t-shirts.  Didn't hurt that the plaid shorts were on the rack next to them.  Add in some sweet facial hair and everyone thinks you didn't actually dress up for Halloween.


Conor hated us.

Of course we tattooed each other too.  Pizza tattoos for everyone!

I finished Ben's tattoo and he immediately rolled over and went to sleep.

 Then it was off to Denver. 
Cameron brokered a deal for a sweet discman.

It came with a Toni Braxton CD and this other random one we'd never heard of.

I had early Thanksgiving with the family.  Cranberry is better in can shape.

I tried to capture Nathaniel with all the dogs.

Trippy mini golf with Mackenzie.

Hanging at mom's with Conor.  He and Grissom are tight.

Cat nap while face palming Hershey.

Pizza Party!