Off Ramp Theater

There is a history of DIY under bridges in Portland.  Why not carry that on with a show under the mish mash of freeway interchanges connected to the Fremont Bridge?  That's just what happened last Saturday.

First up was Old Friend.

Then it was Matt's new band.  I don't remember what they're called.  They killed it at their first show.

Last up was Riled.  Fueled by Colt 45.


The Mean Jeans and The Rich Hands.

Because of my work schedule I end up missing a lot of good shows.  It's the price I pay for working nights.  The Mean Jeans finally played on a night I wasn't working and I got to see my friends play some fun songs.  The Rich Hands opened for them and they put on a great show too.  Here's what it looked like.


More skating. Not quite as long ago.

A month or so ago, there was one of those really amazing Spring-like days in Portland.  Sun shining, sky as blue as the middle of July.  So we got up early and went out to Happy Valley.  After a bit, the park filled up.  But not with the usual crowd of tweens on scooters.  It was several crews of adult skaters that had the same idea as us.  It was fun having that many people on the session but a little hectic in that tiny park.  So we cruised to a ledge spot out that way.  A good day all around.

Derek ollied.

And so did Jesse.

Jesse still has the switch tricks on lock.

Ryan getting slappy.

Derek, Jesse, and Ryan.


Skateboarding from months ago.

It must have been fall.  Ryan's friends came out from Chicago to skate.  But it rained because it's Portland.  So we all analyzed our weather apps and decided to head up the Gorge to Hood River, Bingen, and The Dalles.  Hopes were high that these places in the rain shadow of the cascades would have dry skate terrain and we weren't disappointed.  It was even almost sunny in The Dalles.  Here are some photos...

Jen cruised the bank while I tested lighting.

 Zack warmed up with a nice backside ollie.

Then he did a really nice looking kickflip.

Tim had this funny bail photo.

And Ryan wrangled this switch boardslide to end our day in Bingen.


Bands. Again.

Hi!  It's been a few months.  And I went and saw more shows.  Some of these shots are really old.  But my darkroom printing goes in waves.  I'm going to attempt to get better at printing.  I say that a lot.  Anyway, here are 3 recent favorite prints.

Mean Jeans.  I love them.  This was at White Owl a while back when they played with the Lonesome Billies.  It was a packed house and tons of fun.  Richard looks awesome in this shot. 

 Houndstooth.  This was the Laurelthirst Pub.  Very odd place for a show.  I think they asked the band to turn down.  I've never seen that before.

And just recently I saw Sundowner play at the Hawthorne Theater Lounge.  He makes some amazing songs and always plays some of my favorite Lawrence Arms songs that he wrote.



I like shows and seeing bands.  Especially when those bands have friends in them.  That makes it even more fun.  A little while back, my friend Morgan had the first show with his new band.  It was fun.  I can't wait for more Dead Tropics.  And playing right after them was Perils.  Here's what it looked like.