Recent Skateboard fun.

I've been off my board for over a week now.  An unfortunate fall split my shin open and I had to get stitches.  They came out yesterday so I'm itching to skate.  A week off really lets me know how my sanity is entwined with being able to skateboard.  Any day now and I'll be back.

On a gloomy Sunday we headed under a bridge to do some slappies.  So satisfying.

 Steve 180s out of a 50-50.

Toby with the classic slappy.

 Tight crew.

I was having a blast on Monday.  It was hot, but not too hot and Phil's yard is really fun to skate.  It was a good, small crew and I posted up to take a few photos, then jumped back into the skate fun.  But it didn't end well.  I looped out of a carve grind and fell to the flat and caught my shins on the coping.  It hurt, but not bad enough to stop skating.  Until I saw my pant leg soaked in blood.  My shin caught the coping just right and split open.  It only took 3 stitches to patch it up.
Here are some of the photos before the bloodshed.

Ultimate Phil bluntslides down.

 And switch boardslides up.

 Slatky with the backlip.

And a textbook switch 5-0.

 And a smith on the pool coping wall.

And Brandon pulled out the staple gun.

Then my shin exploded and it was off to get stitched up.



I went to this show for 2 reasons.  First, that Travis's new band, Puppy Breath, played.  And secondly, to see Great Collapse.  The singer was in this band Inquisition that I always loved.  And you can get their album from the mid-90s here for $5 and it's worth every penny.  That same singer was in Strike Anywhere, which for some reason I never got into.  I guess I never made that connection to Inquisition.  The second band, Phantom Family, was good.  And the final band, Young Turks were an awesome hardcore band.  They put on a good show.  Plus yummy food and Black Water.  Here is what they all look like while they play music.

This was Puppy Breath's second show.  Their first show was the night before.  Not that you would've noticed.  They killed it.

More Puppy Breath.

Phantom Family.

Great Collapse.

Young Turks.



I love visiting Montana.  A summer trip out there has become a regular thing for me.  Chelsea and I hit the road from Portland to Polson, then on to Glacier National Park for a few nights of camping, and finally on to Missoula for a couple days before heading home.  Here are shots of the trip.

The view of Flathead Lake coming in to Polson.

Mission Mountains.

Chelsea and the lake.

Just another sunset.

On to Glacier National Park.  Almost every little turnout on Going to the Sun Road has something scenic like this waterfall.


That little line that cuts across the mountain on the left side of this photo is the road.

Sneaking good photos of Chelsea.

Mountain Goat!

Saint Mary Lake on the east side of the park.

This is where we camped.

Flowers next to our camp site.

Chelsea and I did a 10 mile hike to Iceberg Lake.  This was early on the trail.

Red rocks along the trail.

We saw a lot of interesting little butterflies along the way.

Rock with lichen.

Chased some waterfalls.

 We got caught in a sudden burst of a rain storm about a mile from Iceberg Lake.  We plowed through and the storm passed us by.  Right as the sun came out we came to this field of wildflowers.  The smell of rain and flowers was indescribably good.

Iceberg Lake.

The lake is incredibly clear.  And cold!  There were icebergs just floating around.  I put my feet in and they were numb in about a minute.

The water is this brilliant blue color from the glacial sediment refracting the sunlight.

This little chipmunk was hanging out at the lake and tried to steal my snacks.

I love this photo of Chelsea.

 More wildflowers.

On the way back down we saw this cow moose hanging out.

 Back at camp we could hear music from the visitor center.  We wandered over and were just in time to catch the end of a performance by some Blackfeet tribe members.  It was awesome to see them dance in all their ceremonial clothing, headdresses, and noise makers.

Camp life.

 Going back through the park we got some more amazing views.

This little turnout is one of my favorites in the park.  The green blue water with the red rocks creates spectacular scenery.

More Mission Mountains.

 Chelsea grabbed my camera and fired off some shots too.  Here are some photos from her.  I have a personal skate photographer now!

An old favorite.  The Polson skatepark.