Nothing to write home about.

The last night of the Japanese guys in town. Rat was tired.

Kitty in the window.

Derek crayed about his phone not working.

PARTY! You may remember this house from 4th of July.

Many altercations took place in the kitchen this night too.

Someone ruined a good beer by putting it in this dirty glass.

Kitchen quarterpipe.

Sparks cheers!


Also, go check out the updated adidas skateboarding site.



Skated here the other night. I hope the competition doesn't mind.

What to do when you're bored of watching skate videos? Do some spray painting. Verg's van is a good canvas.

Rat and Junior are amped!

This is Rat's tattoo.

Rat passed out last night and got drawn on. A face full of whiskers to go with his nickname. He didn't bother to wash it off. So rad.



New concrete goodness in Hood River. We don't get nice days like this in February so we made the trek and took in scenery on the way.
Mini snake run over the creek. There is also a gap over the creek.
These are Yuji's friends from Japan. Sary, Junior, and Rat are all staying at the dude barn.
In order to get the car on Sunday I have to drive Amy to work at 8am. Since I was up I decided to go check out the new Ed Benedict park. Since this was the first weekend it was open I knew it would be crazy but figured early on a Sunday might be the mellowest that park will be for a long time. Somehow Brandon rallied to come skate too. Skate legs don't work very well that early in the morning but we made a good go of it.
This is a horrible looking burrito shack. I honestly don't know how one would even make a burrito in such a confined space.
It's been a while since there was a Mean Jeans appearance on the blog. Here is Christian in all the glory of a mesh half shirt.
Howie doo dat.

This is the back cover for their next 7 inch with portrait photos by me.

Andrew likes to keep his snare drum close.
Partying is hard work.
I like capturing moments like this. Richard and Andrew blowing popcorn into each other's mouths by way of hitting the other person in the chest. It was funny to watch but even funnier to see what the camera captured.
Popcorn mid air.
Look closely at Andrew's mouth - there is popcorn hitting his lip. Awesome.


Manish Weekend of Freedom.

I found a couple random shots that never got posted so here they are.

Pickett's ride is sweet.

It was Rawl's birthday and he showed us this... Apparently it is really big with the kids he teaches. Stick your finger in here. Kate was impressed.

Weirdest named beer I've had.

This kid rips around the Tualatin park with a bike tube rigged up to strap him onto his board. There is some footage of him in one of the clips below.

Then birthday weekend came. 2 car loads of dudes from Vancouver came down for a manish weekend of freedom. The visit was too quick but we had loads of fun.

12 dudes in a van on the way to bar.

Verg rocks shants always.

Last night of having the raddest neighbors ever.

This is what the house looked like with 6 extra people.

Amy slams her kamikaze while I get creepy.

Aren't they just adorable?

Not sure what Kyle is doing here?

I might be a little late to this but I think it's the best thing ever. Work productivity just dropped as a result. Eye On Springfield.