Recent Skateboard fun.

I've been off my board for over a week now.  An unfortunate fall split my shin open and I had to get stitches.  They came out yesterday so I'm itching to skate.  A week off really lets me know how my sanity is entwined with being able to skateboard.  Any day now and I'll be back.

On a gloomy Sunday we headed under a bridge to do some slappies.  So satisfying.

 Steve 180s out of a 50-50.

Toby with the classic slappy.

 Tight crew.

I was having a blast on Monday.  It was hot, but not too hot and Phil's yard is really fun to skate.  It was a good, small crew and I posted up to take a few photos, then jumped back into the skate fun.  But it didn't end well.  I looped out of a carve grind and fell to the flat and caught my shins on the coping.  It hurt, but not bad enough to stop skating.  Until I saw my pant leg soaked in blood.  My shin caught the coping just right and split open.  It only took 3 stitches to patch it up.
Here are some of the photos before the bloodshed.

Ultimate Phil bluntslides down.

 And switch boardslides up.

 Slatky with the backlip.

And a textbook switch 5-0.

 And a smith on the pool coping wall.

And Brandon pulled out the staple gun.

Then my shin exploded and it was off to get stitched up.