Groundhog's Day!

Amy's birthday is the day before mine so for the past few years we've had joint parties. Last year was a burrito party in Vancouver at Amy and Travis' old apartment when I drove up from Portland and surprised Amy. The year before I was still jaundiced from being sick and couldn't drink. This year we followed suit with a party at the house with beers, dancing, foosball, and snacks.

Here's a classic from 6 years ago. I turned 22 on 2/2/02. Things got a little out of hand.

One half of the Joneses and both halves of the Daileys.

Wouldn't be a party without this.

Ethan came straight from his shift at Salty's rocking crocks and an old Dale Ernhardt Jr. hat while doing Yoga in my kitchen.

Thanks for the cake Lucy.

The hound of love.

One of Lisa's many funny faces. I think every other picture she has her tongue out.

There's a lot going on here - Nicole and Rena doing some weird hand thing while it looks like Amy is groping Lucy.

More of the same?

Kyle is really excited.

Party time! Check out the record in the background. Dudes, the soundtrack. It was a birthday gift from the Mean Jeans.

This seemed like a good idea.

Of course there was foosball.

More dancing.

Again, Kyle = not impressed.

I don't think I've ever seen 2 girls this interested in what Verg is talking about.

I have no idea what is going on here but Andrew's face is classic.

The party would not be complete without air guitar.

You know it's a good party when Andrew is receiving calls on a boot.

Meanwhile, Christian posts up with a hard lemonade on the couch.

Superbowl Sunday the Mean Jeans played a matinee show Slabtown as party of their Bender festival.
Christian started the show talking about how he slept in his girlfriend, Alyson's car in the Slabtown parking lot the night before, waking up at 5 am and driving home. The funniest part is that he did it again that night.
He also said that he might puke during their set but never did.

After their set we hung out and watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet instead of the Superbowl.

Everyone took a liking to this critter.

Black cats like Rainier.

Camera confiscation by Andrew - nice pink shoes.

We then took the party over to Valentine's to visit Lucy.
She whipped up a Meatball shot for Andrew. She looks disgusted making it.

Add a little hot sauce.

Preparing... Brandon looks excited.

One last look....

And down the hatch.

Christian missed out on the fun.

Cue round 2.

Look what followed Verg home.

A week later and we actually had a dry weekend. I love how Portland comes to life on nice days. It's like everyone coming out of hibernation.
We went skating at the Canby park. There were great views of Mt. Hood.

I set this guy up over the weekend. It probably won't go much farther than my neighborhood corner store but that will be a fun 3 blocks of skating.