Toeside Terrors

Me, Brandon, and Ben getting down in this rap video about snowboards.


Semi-permanent vacation.

Time for an update.  Again, it's been a while.  Time for another disclaimer/rant.  In this rapidly evolving world of digital media, blogs seem to be falling by the wayside.  Especially when this blog is so focused on photos.  Instagram is pretty much a photo blog.  Except that a lot of people aren't that great at curating their posts.  Too much food.  Too many myspace-esque self portraits.  Too much overposting of the thing you are doing right this second.  In much the same way that I like film cameras, I've been considering starting to make a regularly released zine.  Like film, I feel like a zine would force me to slow down, curate my images, and put out something with a little quality and substance.  Sure, we all love cat photos on instagram (I think we all do, right?) but there is more to share than that.  A zine also feels like a good way to share all the film shots I take.  I need to give myself some projects anyway since I'm on this semi-permanent vacation from the work world.  This was all a long winded way of saying that I haven't been shooting as many digital photos and thus the lack of posts here.  At least I took a few shots and the few people that still look at this blog will be able to slack off for 5 minutes at work this week while lurking here.

Dan Deacon kicking it off at Total Fest in Missoula.

I can't remember this band's name, but they were fun to watch.

Guantanamo Baywatch kills it!

Tidal Horn.

Tidal Horn rocked so hard they melted their own faces.

Meanwhile back in Portland...

Praise Buzz.

Danny has been banned from Chopsticks due to some indiscretions.  So he snuck into the bar in costume so he could hang. 

And sing Taylor Swift.

Feeling it.

Skateboard riding with Craig Wheat.

Finally, Music Fest Northwest put together a lineup where there were multiple bands I wanted to see.  I don't mind going to one-off shows during MFNW, but scouring the schedule, planning out what to see, and then jamming to multiple venues by bicycle is a lot of fun.  Against Me and Hot Snakes back to back was a great way to kick it off.  The next night I had to support the Mean Jeans.

King Kahn killed it.


Black Mountain.