Funnel Cakes

Unintentionally, this is almost entirely a Nich Kunz post. We all rallied up at these funneled full pipes. They're down by the metal halfpipes that we've skated before. I got a couple good shots of Pat before he left town. Jonah shot his board over the barb wire fence and Nich was able to retrieve it but not without setting of the alarms in the yard. It took a long ass time before security showed up and gave us the boot.

Nich over the hole.

For some reason Nich is running one Indy stage 8 and one stage 9. The stage 8 is suffering from the bent axles that almost every pair had. But he just keeps skating them. I've offered him some new Thunders on numerous occasions.

Dudes met us on bicycle. I like Steve's little bike.

Then over to this barrier spot. Again, Nich shredding.

And Healy with a boardslide off the end.


This is so much better than TV

I guess I've been lagging on the photo taking. Seems like the posts have been rather slim as of late. Must mean that my shutter finger needs some exercise. Although I did drop of 4 rolls of both black and white and 120 color on Saturday. Must mean I'm not lagging too much. So I'll just post some filler to make up for it! Wait this stuff is better than filler. This is classic.

I have this photo saved on a CD somewhere. But Bacon just sent it to me in a random email. In 1999 I spent almost a month couch surfing at my good friend Tom Gilmour's apartment in Red Bank, NJ. Bacon came out for 4 days while I was there. It was good times all around. Many stories from that trip.

Having friends that rip at the skateboard riding make for easy photo taking. I've got a good amount of rad shots of Pat. He used one of the them for the new Coda ad in Lowcard. If Rob is into it there might be more of my photos gracing the pages of that prestigious journal of skateboarding.

Every year in September thousands upon thousands of Vaux Swifts migrate through Portland. They all roost in this one chimney at an elementary school in NW Portland. It's an amazing sight. It also brings out every walk of life in Portland. The kind of people that make me hate Priuses and "keep Portland weird" bumper stickers.
But homemade sandwiches and beers in the park while watching these birds cruise around is one of the best things about fall coming. All those dots in the picture below are birds.

This is from some Friday night lurking. On a completely-blowing-it-note related to Brandon's shirt: A theater here played Shogun's Assassin on Saturday night and I missed it.

MJ pins on Andrew's hat.

Saturday was spent working on the ramp. The 1/4 inch layer the guys put on a few weeks ago was ruined after one rain storm. So I took the initiative to fix it up. I neglected to take any pictures before or during the progress (mostly due to working my ass off). I thought about doing a time lapse but my camera can't do those. So all you get is this picture of Billy welding the coping. You'll get more when the weather is nice again.

Dudebarn party followed all that ramp fixing for Pat's GO AWAY party.
Jeremy's bike.

Pure class at the dudebarn. Empty plastic bottle of cheap Canadian whiskey in the dirty tub.

Kara is going with Pat to NYC. Kara's brothers were hanging out for a little bit. We showed them how to thumbgun. Ahhh, corrupting the youth.
Good luck with all the snow and freezing fucking cold in NYC. I'll take the rain, thanks.


Drink some Joose!

We're losing daylight here and fast. Creeping towards the autumnal equinox makes me long for those mid summer days when the last bit of twilight fades after 10pm - and even more so for the summers past in Montana when it's light out even later.
My foot has started feeling better which, for better or worse, has gotten me back on a skateboard. I've just been taking it easy on the old dudebarn ramp. Now I know why old guys only skate transition. Much easier on the old joints. Skateboarding brings with it a lot of mental therapy. That's helping me deal with the retardedness I encounter at work quite frequently.
Even though I'm claiming to be skating again, I really didn't do much of it this weekend. I was being lazy which in turn made me feel bored and restless. Oh well, it wasn't stressful and I got some quality time in lounging with the dog.

The Mean Jeans played on Friday night. Christian refused to play Party Animal. But tonight I could hear them practicing the song. So play the fucking song at the next show!

You guys played WTFA401K twice. And come to think of it, your set went nothing like this.

Post Mean Jeans show we ended up at Red Flag. There was some classic zombie movie on and this sign that made me like the bar more.

Kurt Scott was in town from Missoula. Along with Doug we did some skating at the ramp and some hill bombs. Then back to Doug's to BBQ and to this fun time party down the street. Despite all that fun with Kurt I did not take his picture so you'll just have to believe me he was there. This band played in the backyard.

Someone gave Doug this Joose. He'd already put back a Sparks so this was completely unnecessary.

No, wait, it was necessary because Doug started climbing trees.

Then we went to a bonfire and I was a pile again on Sunday. End blog.


Don't touch the theaters

More birthdays and end of summer fun recently. The shit weather lately almost made me think that the good weather was over. Even with the days getting increasingly shorter I know there's still some good skating weather left - that is if my foot ever heals.

Thanks to Jenny and Giordana I got this sweet bike frame. Thursday night Kyle helped me build it up and now this is what I'm rolling around town on.

Christian's birthday happened. Enter round 3 of the the jumpy-castle-waterslide.

Howie got Christian this sweet remote control helicopter.

But on the third flight, with Howie at the controls, it got caught in the smoke of the fire and went down in a firey crash.

Slide time!

MD and OE.

Best photo of the night.

Check the close-up.

Saturday night took the new bike down the waterfront to shoot some photos.


You know what would be awesome right now.... a blacklight

Went surfing with Doug just over a week ago. The waves were decent but I got thrashed about paddling out. I guess it's easier the more you do it but trying to surf took all the energy out of me.

Short Sands is always beautiful.

Not so beautiful at short sands - A dead sea lion.

Speaking of dead sea lions... Andrew's hair is looking quite good.

Verg is back from the road. Beers have been consumed.



Doug's birthday setup. Yes, that's the same blow-up waterslide from Skylar's 12th birthday. Also perfect for a 31st birthday.

That's not a knife, this is a knife.

Ben Freemole in town to cause trouble with Verg.

Pat, protecting his head.

Andrew, not one to be left out.

Great mix for the party.

Classic gift from Slammer. A signed photo of himself from 7th grade plus a Sparks.

Here's how Doug says thanks.

Wetsuits and waterslides.

Trouble in the kitchen.

On to the karaoke video game. I sang myself hoarse trying to one-up Andrew.

Onwards to Tacoma to attend Josh and Chelsea's wedding.

One man boat.

Saw this in the street.

Kool Thing in a showdown with Diesel.