Who doesn't want to adventure around in a '62 Suburban?

Good times have been happening despite the reluctance of summer weather really starting.  It's the same every year.  When August hits and it's 85 degrees and we're floating in one of the rivers nearby, the gloom of June will seem like a distant dream.  Here's a slice of the recent awesome.

Portland is not scenic.  Please don't move here. 

I had the pleasure recently of spending a few days in LA with Andreas.  Work trips that double as fun times with friends are always a good thing.  Over this past weekend, Andreas was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle.  He's banged up with several broken bones.  But he's in good enough spirits to get his lady to send a thumbs up photo from the hospital.  Please send some good vibes Andreas's way.  Heal up soon dude!  We all love you.

Chicken licker.

Evil looking Brooke.

Fire master, Pat.

Definitely safe.

Blurry Kyle and lurking Pat.

Best Friday night in a long time ripping around in Nicole and Kharma's '62 GMC Suburban.


Why not take it to Mt Tabor.

Watching the fog rise.

The #campvibes are heavy in this one!


Fuck it dude, let's go karaoke.

This blog is strictly about karaoke now.  No more skating for us.

Portland is scenic.  View from Doug's rooftop.

We're going to miss you Rikki!  One last Chopsticks run to say goodbye.

Roommates.  Crash.

Earth below us, drifting, floating...

Hope you know the words.

 I meant karaoke and Mean Jeans.  Yeah.  They are touring the East Coast/Midwest and Eastern Canada.  Better go see them!