The Phone Zone

Here's the latest dump from the phone.

Took a trip up to Timberline with workmates.

This is Maggie's motorcycle to-do list by Andreas.

We play a lot of Scrabble.

I claimed the shots from our photo booth session in Denver.

As if you didn't already know, Frank loves foosball.

Jake's sweatshirt is awesome.

I go here every time I'm in Tampa.

Koerner ran away when the birthday call out came at Reservoir.  Rhino and Rob took the hits for him.

1st and 2nd place.

Rad beer shirt with bonus Alkaline Trio tattoo.

Car on fire!

I thought Dave was going to ice us for Xmas.  He didn't but I still gave him the ice I had to block him.  He threw it up 5 minutes later.

Went to the SOTY's house.

Holiday gifts from the guys at Juice Design.

One of our co-workers left us all a holiday parting gift - Ice!  This is the response Danny and I had for him.

More knuckle game fun.


Tattoo my knuckles.

As you can tell from the posts on here we are big fans of the game I like to call Knuckle Ad Lib.  This is where you give your hands to 2 friends who each write a four letter word on your knuckles without seeing what the other wrote.  You then combine your hands for an awesome and almost always hilarious phrase.  And by the end of the night every person you've come into contact with has knuckle tattoos - even 18 year-old snowboard kids at the Missoula Pita Pit at 3am that then refer to you as "old dudes".

Now due to some life circumstances I'm in the market for knuckle tattoos for real.  We've been playing the game of what will fit/be hilarious/be awesome for a while now.  But I thought, why limit this to people I hang out with every day?  Why not let the internet help?  So here's your chance to help.  Check out the picture to see that we're working with an existing letter a.  And start commenting with your suggestions.

To help get your creative juices flowing here is what we've got so far: