Ridin Round Them Thangs.

Found this treat from the block party.


Want to come back to my house and watch the meteor shower?

These are the times I love.  Hot summer days, hot summer nights.  Spending both days of the weekend soaking in the Sandy River.  Everyone is fired up to do something.  Ride bikes to bluffs?  Karaoke? Block party?  Fuck yes to all of them!  I can honestly say last week was some of the most fun that I've had in a long time.  The only thing that would have made it better would be to have an ankle that isn't hurt so I could actually ride my skateboard.  Not a bad substitute though.

Thursday nights at the Alleyway is a karaoke staple.  Doug taught me everything I know about karaoke.  Every time I sing Shania, it's for him.


Singing Taylor Swift while wearing a Cannibal Corpse shirt.  Laundry day.

It was nice to throw Luke into the mix.

@demdamthangboyz SNCU.

Things tend to get weird when Slammer comes out.

Toebock jam at Jesse's refurbished ramp.

You thought we wouldn't do karaoke 2 nights in a row?  You thought wrong.

Brandon made a new friend.

"That song was kind of creepy."  "It wasn't for you, old lady."  This was an actual exchange after Cheyne's song.  haha.

Sometimes when you have a band staying at your house the only place to sleep is right in front of the fridge.  Also snoring as loud as possible.  This is the first thing I saw when I woke up.

August 11 is currently the pinnacle of my summer.  What started as a DDTB/Tidal Horn house show at the dudebarn turned into a full on block party.  Danny busted ass and got a legit block party and noise permit.  At 3pm it was still quiet.  Just an empty street with a bunch of dudes skating and drinking beers.  Eventually all the bands showed up.  More people came and the best block party ever got into full swing.  It was even capped off with by far the coolest cop I've ever encountered.  He wasn't fazed when the street party went too long.  And he came back later because there was another noise complaint.  But he commented that Tecate is good beer and that we needed to turn the music down.  Then he said, "probably see you guys in a little bit."  Not bummed one bit.  The next day was full of amazing laughs looking at everyone's instagram photos (try searching #dudebarn for some gems) and a terrible hangover that was only cured by cold river water and a couple cold beers.  The best quote I heard was from Tracy - "It was like a Shelbyville dudebarn party.  There were girls there!"

The 4 year old that lives on the corner was hyped on the block party.  She said that Downstaaiirs was loud.

Name also killed it.  Nothing like a double stack in the driveway.

If you don't know what's up with Dem Dam Thang Boyz, you obviously have not been paying attention to this blog.  These guys crushed it.

Tidal Horn.  Fucking shredding.

The sun started to go down, White Woman took the stage (driveway?), everyone started to feel all those beers and sunshine, and things started to get a little weirder.

The beauty of playing in the street is that it's fully accessible for mopeds to become part of the show.

Then North went up.  Mind blown.  These guys put on a show.  Absolutely killing it.

The fish head as a road barricade was a hit.  Every random passerby got a photo with it.  The end of the night was no exception.  Even when we were trying to move it back to driveway.   I don't know this person.



Why not fireworks?

Rare moment of me on the wrong side of the camera.

This is in the midst of everyone hanging out, having a good time.  I look over to see Chris fully asleep in the yard.  Everyone knows the rules.  You pass out with your shoes on and you're fair game for whatever happens.


After a refreshing day at the river it was time for the musical stylings of the The Lonesome Billies.

Chicken wing, chicken wing, slide.  You'll know soon enough.

Catch of the day?  Someone's shitty longboard.