We Trippy.

Trippy mane bowling for Brandon's birthday.

It had been a while for a chopsticks mission.  Obviously we were killing it.  Cheyne is cool for cats.

Don't leave me hanging.

This girl was trying to sing a serious love ballad to her dude.  She told us we were ruining it.

Crash! Into me.

Nerdburg.  Why do scooter kids just sit on the coping?  Fuck, this place is fun.

Olivia's birthday!  More karaoke at a spot where you have your own private room.  No one to bum out but ourselves. Haha.

Dance moves in the style of MJ.

Slap fight.

Cheyne and Craig killing it.


If you lived in Norway...

... you could see a photo of mine in this awesome Film Por Vida photo show that is happening next weekend.  But, I know none of you do.  At least the analytics for the blog don't show any Norwegian visitors in the last month.  I should try to have a photo in a show somewhere closer to home.