Spring Break/Birthdays/Tampa Pro

Mackenzie was here for her Spring Break. We went bowling amongst other things.

Wrapped up this board for the Montana Skatepark Association. Thanks to Dan at Von Tundra for the woodworking help. This will be available for auction soon.

The last Winterhawks game of the season.

Nap time for Diesel.

Derek's birthday is on St. Patrick's Day. He got a shot named after him at the Local.

Off to Tampa. Time for many wing shots. I'm not sure why I like these so much. I always like the window seat and something about the different backgrounds with the wing makes for very likable images.

Suburban swirl.

The course for the contest at Skatepark of Tampa.

I competed in the Industry dude competition. Got 20th out of 25. Maybe I'll do better next year.
George Cutright Headshot Photo
George Cutright Skater Profile at skateparkoftampa.com
Sponsors: Addias TM
Hometown: Portland OR
Stance: ?

Jim Thiebaud has fans. Here he autographs his old TWS cover.

Josh Brooks crushing a red bull.

Amateur vert.

There was a free tattoo booth that was giving out skate logo tattoos. This dude stepped it up.

Same dude with Tampa pride.
Josh and Adam. Thanks for driving all weekend Adam.

Hand-drawn, mis-spelled sign.

My new whip!

Things are going to get weird with a stripper pole in the club.

Pensyl. I told him to punch Pat in the balls when he got back to NYC. Watch yourself Pat.

Oliver is awesome.

Caged in door. Why not?

Lots of heavy hitters at qualifiers.

I was hyped to see Raekwon and Ghostface. But once the show started I remembered why I don't go to hip hop shows anymore. Too much hype men. Levels too loud so you miss everything but the bass on the beats. Never a full song.
Still these guys banged out some classics. Rae had a live drummer and bass player for incarcerated scarfaces. And he was rocking shell toes!

Blurry Dennis kickflip. Some of his warmup runs probably could have won the contest.

Darin is repping hard to earn TM of the year. Here he holds everyone's phones for them.

Look at the kids getting ready for the product toss.

2 Petes. Both were ripping all weekend.

Dennis won the Labor of Love award and a free year's supply of gatorade.

Chany was putting on a one-man vert demo after the contest.

These guys were hyped.

After party. Yes, that's Chris Gentry in there.

Oliver getting awesome.

Skateboarder's Billy Deans.

This is for you Conor. I told Pensyl you wanted me to punch him in the balls. His response was something about it being time to get weird.

Strubing documents.

Oliver still killing it.

Wieger and Pete.

And this is how the night ended.

Thanks to Skatepark of Tampa for the rad weekend.


Under the sea.

Salt water fish tanks are cool.

Opening party at Kamp Grizzly with their impressive taxidermy collection.

Jeremy Fish making a mural.

Jess and Skylar hanging out and looking cool.

Ben was in town from Missoula. He brought 2 burritos with him for Verg.