Where you been?

 Snow day.

Went to the Mean Jeans show.  Jager bombs and jello shots were necessary.

 Band mates help each other pee.

This couple was cuddling while playing pinball.  Brandon tried to join in.

Beer drinking nose pick.
Pack 'em in.

Danny lets loose when on work trips.

Sometimes you can try to go to the chill bar but instead there is an awkward dance party with people in suits and tons of free tortas.  Christina and Cameron still rocked it though.

This is what a Clash cover band called the Nuns Of Brixton looks like.

I can hear Chris Bacon laughing when I look at this picture.

NYC birthday weekend with Conor.  These are my 2 of my oldest friends meeting for the first time.

Tom G, Jess, and me.

Caddo gave me this tight doo rag for my birthday.

Life Mate.

Jill and Verg.


Out in Paris this is The Obstacle being set up.

Gonz art.

Silas warming his shoe.

Le Obstacle.

Gonz piggy back ride with Seb Daurel.

We were only at L'autobus every day.

Weird mirrors at Le 104.
L'autobus again?

Benjamin his lovely wife Maria.

Lem and some lovely french ladies.


The crew from Toulouse kills it.

I take this same shot every year at the TWS awards.