Smokin Wii All Day

More awesomeness from Dem Damn Thang Boyz!


These days are cold and short.

I'm trying to do a better job about bringing my digital camera out.  Seems I've gotten a little lazy with the blogging.  Here are some recent happenings.

Commonwealth hosted an art show that featured Craig Wheat.  Lefty was holding it down.

I didn't get a picture of Craig but I did capture his awesomely modified dollars.


Keeping it classy.

The Mean Jeans played at Club 21.  Not only does the place not usually have shows, it's a bit small for such events.  As you can see it wasn't crowded at all.

This is what a weird corporate holiday part looks like.



Episode 5

It's been a while since the last dudebarn episode.  So we thought it was time to drop episode 5 on all of you.

Dudebarn Episode 5 from george cutright on Vimeo.


Clap Your Hands Everybody....

I told Ben Graham that he needed more skate footage with clapping.  So he made this.


Dem Dam Thang Boyz

As if songs about cats weren't enough, Danny and Brandon started in on their mixtape.  And how else do you get hype for your mixtape?  Rap video!  You are welcome world.