Sunny days in January?

Conor, Pat, and Ryan took a trek out to Woodburn.  Here's what they came back with.

woodburn jan from CODA skateboards on Vimeo.


This guy makes me want to sign up for facebook so I can be friends with him.




This was in the Mercury last week and I thought it was awesome.


Auld Lang Syne

Another year come and gone.  Boy, am I glad 2010 is over.  I'm excited to see what the year ahead brings.
That being said, what would the end of the year be without a celebration.  It was like deja vu to last year in many ways.  Thanks to the dudes down on Belmont for letting a bunch of idiots trash your house again.  Wasn't Derek supposed to help clean up?

Of course Carboy was DJing.  He kicked out the jams too.  Lil John, the Outfield, Soldier Boy - endless good stuff.

Popping that champagne!

You know it's a fun party when Lovejoy starts looking like this.

Conor looking sharp.

Me and Verg's special lady friend, Alexis.

Me and Verg.

I like all these random shots with Chip lurking.

Rachel and Chip.

So amazing.  Danny was humping the wall.  But what is Chip doing?

Obviously a good song.

I think Jeremy did something rad that my camera was too slow to catch.

This is as far from my face as the camera goes.

Rikki and Alexis.

This may be the only picture Conor took all night.  I hope it turned out.

Taylor took it to the limit.  More on that later.

Thanks for sharing your Cheez-its Brittany.

Back to Taylor.

Lovejoy getting happy in 2011.

This is the right way to start the new year.