Stuck in LA.

Flight got cancelled. Can't get home til Monday. Who's the first dude I call? Andreas of course.


Cactus Town

I'll be in Phoenix tomorrow for this.  Can't wait to see Dennis destroy the Paradise Valley skatepark.

Also, there's a Coda demo in Bend this weekend, but Pat never sent me the flier.


My camera is barfing out these photos.

These photos have been lurking on my camera for far too long.

Bacon, Jake, and Cheyne came out to Portland and stayed at my house.

Went to SF with Lem and Lucas.

We hit the under the bridge spot in Oakland.

Media zone with Joe and Wolfe.

Angle iron ledges in Portland.

Birthday fire-in-a-barrel.

We decided to do facial hair roulette.  The concept is that you write down really shitty facial hair styles, put them in a hat, and what ever you pull out of the hat you  have to shave.  Could be anything from a crappy goat tee to mutton chops to a chin strap beard.  But some of the guys backed out because they love their beards too much to cut them.

However, Brandon took it into his own hands.  He disappeared into the house for a while and came outside with this thing on his face.

I tried to bring something horrible to the table.

Group shot of the results.  More photos on Ethan's Flickr.

This birthday card from Mackenzie was the best thing I got.

We checked out this shitty DIY spot.

The Mean Jeans played one last show before hitting the road to SXSW.  Richard is filling in on bass for the tour and this was his initiation.


All up on Thrasher and shit.

Obviously we're killing it.  The RVCA dudes rolled through last summer and a couple lines from the ramp ended up in this clip on the Thrasher site.



This is one way to deal with office stress.