I get to go to some ridiculous places for work. My passport has seen some exotic stamps in the last couple years. This recent adventure took me to South America for the first time and the final destination of Brazil. It's a long journey but well worth it. I got to see some amazing thunder storms from the plane on the overnight flight that I couldn't sleep on.

We arrived and rallied up our huge crew of skaters and set about getting footage in São Paulo. The city was less rugged than I had thought.

Day one in the van and the jokes are already flying.

You might recognize this spot from Rodrigo TX parts.

Noren's insane camera.

Gonz getting his soccer on.

Vince's camera finally met its death.

Somewhere back in there Dinosaur Jr is playing.

Mini ramp demo.

Dennis celebrated his birthday while we were there.

Weird bug.

Pete, Vince, and the Atlantic Ocean.

This waterfall was one of the best places I've ever been.

Jesus rides shotgun in Rio.

Daniel skates for adidas in Brazil. Here he nosebonks his way down these blocks.

Over looking the city from the big Jesus statue.

There were so many cats chilling at this spot.

Roof boost to skate those spines. All those people in the background are having dance practice. This was the last spot on the last day. Good way to end it.


Bill and Ted.

Don't worry, these guys already won Halloween.


Photo show and lots of links

My Good friend Darin put together this photo show at the PPC in SF. If you're in The City it's not to be missed.

Stumbling around teh interwebs led me to the blogs and sites of some friends that I either didn't know existed or hadn't seen in a while. Make sure to click on these for rad stuff: At Least Try. CatzRule. Stab It and Steer. O. Britz, Lady Tattooer. Pretty Pretty Collective.


This is just to tide you over.

When I was downloading my Brazil photos I realized that I had some random old stuff lurking on the camera. Some of this is really old. Shit, I went to Carlsbad for the Skate and Create premiere a looooong time ago. For what it's worth, here are some shots. Brazil stuff will be up soon.

TWS's park. It's fun.

Finally pulled my shit together for some photo exchanging.

Went skating with these kooks.

Fun times here.

Yuji was here again. Pat turned him pro and surprised him with his first board!

Yuji, Junya, and Uru are stoked!