The last sunny day of the year?

Every post I do on here I proclaim that I'm going to post more.  That I'm sorry I've been lagging on posts.  Maybe this winter it will happen.  I've been trying to look at instagram less.  It's good for me.  But I still want to share photos.  Maybe this is still a good medium for that?  That's only if anyone looks at this anymore.  Anyone?

The forecast looked shitty today.  But the skies were clearing as I ate breakfast.  There was talk of skating parking garages.  Hunting down something dry.  Then the sun started creeping out from behind the clouds.  A little patience and the ground was looking dry.  There were group texts and organizing.  Battlground gets plenty of sun and there's a lot of skatepark.  So we took it north over the state line for our shredding.  I hadn't used the old DSLR in a minute and it's been years since I shot anything on my 100mm lens.  So long that I had to exercise the aperture to make sure it wouldn't stick.  There's a reminder to use your camera gear or it may stop functioning properly!

Our route was Battleground, one of the skate spot parks in Vancouver, and a street spot Ryan knew of.  My car had me, Ryan, Derek, and Steve.  Scott and Ashley met us in Battleground and hit up the Vancouver spot with us.  So all around a good day with a good crew.

Derek and Steve had a lipslide challenge.  I think Derek won by doing his frontside lipslide first.

 Here is Steve's back lip.
 Ride up the bank and ollie off to the flat.

Ashley hitting the hip.

 Koerner with the frontside ollie.

Ryan seeing if it goes.

It goes.

 I'm pretty sure this dude's name was Chase.  He and his buddies were ripping and super nice.

Ryan 5-0s from the top all the way down in Vancouver.

And did the same with a tailsldie.

 Steve got in on the 5-0 fun too.

 Ryan took us to this crusty bank to curb.  Fun, but challenging.

And Ryan nailed this feeble grind.