Halloween (observed).

Can everyone just agree on a weekend day that we can all celebrate Halloween?  Like President's Day?  When Halloween is on a Wednesday there is stuff to do the Friday and Saturday before and by the time Wednesday rolls around, I'm thinking "What's the fucking point?"  And so I stay home by myself drinking beers and watching The Simpsons.  So, a normal Wendesday.  Beside all that we had a blast on the weekend.  Starting with a party bus and ending at a warehouse party.  Here's Halloween.

Party Bus Friday.  Alex's mom made this happen and brought a box of costumes for us too.  So good.

This is when the bus broke down on I-84.  Don't worry, they got it going again.

Cheyne needs to learn how to braid his hair.

We ended up in Zig Zag at some random bar and the locals didn't know what to make of our crew.

Then it was back to Portland.

Saturday night warehouse party.  Complete with mini ramp and Man Wolfs.



On the way north.

On a quick road trip to Vancouver we made a pit stop at the Bellevue skatepark and stacked some footage for the skatepark blog.  Thanks for letting us skate, Josh!