You can be my wingman anytime.

Photo session with the Mean Jeans.

Free beer!

Food spread at Shane and Karie's party.

Dan and Fia making blowfish faces on the sliding glass door.

You bet your ass that Verg and I went to see Top Gun at the Laurelhurst.


chances to second chances

A show at the local tavern last week. This guy and a dude on drums were rockin.

Then, of course, the Mean Jeans played.

Jared and Bess were here from Colorado.

I took this shot of Kyle and Lucy. Which prompted a guy in the background to get all excited and insist I take a picture of him and Kyle.

Here's the result.


look at the pretty pictures.

I'm feeling like shit today and don't feel like typing much. You all just like the pretty pictures anyway. The photos below are from election night and from Friday when Dan hosted a party at his woodshop with Darryl Strawberry, Ben's band (can't remember the name), and the Mean Jeans. It was rad. Now, I'm going back to the couch.


Black and Blue Balls

As I've still been in recovery mode it's been pretty mellow. By Halloween I was feeling a little stir crazy and pretty good physically. So we decided to hit up the show where the Means Jeans were playing as the Riverdales. Always a good time. I did not dress up in a costume but being that it was the first time in a week that I was wearing pants I thought that was enough.

Another shot of the cats to round out my time at home. That's them stealing my spot on the couch.

Andrew's awesome Used Car Salesgirl Wig.

Christian had purchased this record earlier in the day. It has the pronunciation below - POO-SAY. Straight up disco.

Amy applying Alyson's stripes.




At the East End.

Amy can't stop laughing at Andrew. Alyson informed us that the first time she met Andrew he was dressed like a girl.

Below are the 2 action shots of the Riverdales set. Being injured didn't allow me to be up front and in the action.

Andrew was just too much.

Dan was there. He didn't even recognize the guys while they were playing.

He showed us this awesome move.

And got Christian to do it also.

Nothing like taking off your boyfriend's bra on a busy street corner, huh Alyson?

Sunday my house and street got taken over for a video shoot. The crew was big.

Their vehicles took up the whole side street.

Bright lights!

Turned my living room into some kind of dorm room. They then mounted a nerf hoop and had dudes do dunks.

And to end on a really awesome note. These are James' riding gloves. He has to stay in touch with his Canadian heritage. Just Give'r!