Karaoke Catch Up.

The karaoke blog lives on!  These are really old now.  Photo productivity has been low since my photo show.  But no time like the present to get caught up.

 It was Nick's birthday a while ago.  His mom came out to Chopsticks to help celebrate.

Birthday shot.

Nick's mom even got on the mic for some Guns N Roses sing along.

And then it was weird.  Although she might have been singing Goodbye Horses.  So only kind of weird.

And then Brandon left us.  For NYC.  Jerk.  Only one way to send him off.

This dude goes by Elvis.  Full costume karaoke.

There was some kind of elf/santa thing going on at the bar.  This elf liked Brandon's song.


Awesome Dave.

This guy was also named Brandon.  So they sang a duet.  It was bad.

Instead of a song, this guy set up his keyboard and jammed for 10 minutes.  Karaoke?