No more faxes so I have to post photos...

Fixed up the holes in the ramp.

Dave makes a fire. Derek gets bummed.



Mark and Molly.

Johnny and Kyle share a moment over the computer.

We're everywhere!

Who wrote this?

Most of Koerner doing a blunt slide.

This spot reminds of 7th and 7th.

Mark pole jamming.

Mark was ripping this day. So you get 2 angles of his ollie because they're both rad.

Went to give blood but the Red Cross didn't want it. So I got this sticker.

Dave's black eye from falling off his bike.

Skate spot.

Ben Ripping.

Ben ripping even more.

Taj's going away party in the park.

See you soon Taj!

Verg I found this rad van for you.

Off to Red Flag with Alicia and Kara.


Best Faxer Ever.

Serious gold comes through every time Jake Donnelly transmits something via fax. The only bad part is that it comes in on the 1 fax machine we share with the whole floor.
This was the last of 11 pages of a fax with the thought bubble addressed to me and a hand drawn adidas tattoo. Rad.



Maybe Lounging.

Dude Barn Cruisers.

Backyard BB Guns.


Summer's slow fade.

Amy and Diesel share a moment.

Christian and Maybe chilling.

Maybe hates being picked up.

Off to Red Flag to a benefit for 2 Portlanders that got injured when 2 drunk drivers collided, hopped the sidewalk, crashing into them. Their friends put together a benefit art show with all the proceeds going to help out with expenses and medical bills.

Passed Johnny on the way home.

This photo is the equivalent of seeing a white bison. It will bring good luck and health upon all who view it in person. It's Brandon doing dishes.

BarnBBQ. Amy and Kara were there.

Got to hose down the fire so Derek doesn't get too mad at Dave.

Rainy memorial day weekend food and beer at the Bye and Bye.

New spot that took me out already.

Game of skate claiming 2 boards. Even after all these years of skating I can't land a 360 flip. When I put one down, my board breaks.

This is what missing your flight on a Tuesday morning ride home on the train looks like.

Repurposing old boards into cruisers.

The world famous Andrew Basset.