Science is based on English

Here are some photos from recent times. I feel like I've been lagging a bit in the digital photo shooting. But I just dropped off 4 rolls of film on Saturday so at least I've been shooting. So enjoy these bits and pieces.

Kyle stopped by and strummed some tunes while waiting to ride bikes somewhere.

Some hobo fire action at the dudebarn.

This guy stopped by to check out the fire and the ramp.

I took a really awkward fall skating the other night. Hanging up ollieing up a curb always feels stupid but I had the added radness of falling right onto a parking block. This ripped my thumb nail up, jammed my finger, and bruised my forearm. Sweet.

I got my hands on a sample of Dennis's new shoe. These are my new favorite shoes. I hope there are enough samples floating around the office to last until these drop in July.

Finally took this bad boy out on the streets for the first time.

Out at the pub with Derek.

Jen and Derek.


We took a trip to Forest Grove...

The shade worked against us and half the park was wet.

Part of our Sunday skate mission included this.


does dedick cray evryday?

You may recall many photos of Yuji from early last summer. He rides for Coda and came to stay at Pat's house for a month or so. He showed up to Portland with minimal English skills and the desire to skate a lot. His first weekend happened to coincide with a visit from Conor and we promptly showed him all Portland had to offer in the way of nightlife. One of those nights culminated with Yuji, Conor, and Verg drinking champagne over a firery pile of trash on the corner by my house.
Over the course of his stay Yuji shredded everything Portland had to offer and his English skills picked up remarkably. I shot a rad photo of Pat airing Yuji doing a front feeble at the dudebarn ramp which subsequently ended up in Lowcard. I emailed Yuji to make sure he saw it and I got this amazing email back from him:

how are you!
i saw lowcard,
that photo is cool!
did you take that photo?
i like that photo!!
does dedick cray evryday?
That made my day!
And no Derek (aka Dedick) doesn't cry everyday. It's more like every other day!
There is some Yuji footage tucked away in Ben's cell phone video. Side note: that's 3 posts in a row featuring one of the Graham brothers.


More love for the Grahams

Almost like a continuation of the last post, I also stole this clip from Ian's blog. More love for the Graham brothers.

I have some other crap to post but I've been too lazy or too busy mangling my thumb and middle finger on my right hand.


Dudes at Department

Nich, Ben, and Bobby made this clip from Dept.
Ben is in Barcelona with Pat. Hey Pat why isn't Coda paying for my trip over to shoot photos? Who is going to blog your skating and street beer drinking antics?
Next time, right?


Pink out while sled dogging.

Wrapping up another year. The holidays didn't feel as festive this year. And while having a lot of snow was rad it made me feel like going into hibernation mode. We had a good time in Portland with friends; some who stayed intentionally and others whose trips home were canceled due to the inclement weather. Almost 2 weeks off work did me good and got me on a schedule that is not conducive to getting back into the old 9 to 5 hustle. Here's a look at the last couple weeks.

Colby and Jonah rolling some dice.

Turns out that hills that are good for bombing on a skateboard are also good for sledding. Diesel was chasing us up and down the hill.

Winter weather = board games.

Brandon got punched in the face for throwing snowballs at cars.

Dorothy Leigh was in town to party, to laugh, and to bring in the new year.

And what better way to do that than at a hockey game.

Jonah getting close with the Winterhawk's mascot.

And of course there was fighting.

Next time we're going to try to sit in the Hosers section.

Fat, whitetrash kids with bowl cuts are awesome.

Then it was off to NYE karaoke party time.

Verg keeping it classy.

Camera wars.

Ras-Richard showed up to celebrate.

Roman candles for midnight.

Kyle turns up the awesome with 2 mics.

Lucy getting crazy on the dance floor.

In between those photos and these 2 we did a lot of laughing, told a lot of jokes, and generally had an awesome time. I'm certain that the jokes would not be as funny written out. Definitely a you-had-to-be-there situation. To get close you could drink a bunch of beers while watching Step Brothers and all the out takes a couple times and follow up with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Add a large dose of sarcasm.
Boats and Hoes.

Dorothy thought she was at a slumber party while we rode around in Verg's awesome van.

Going to this bar is a great addition to any Portland trip. Too bad lil Deb wasn't working