Instagram ruined my blog.

If you are a regular visitor than you might have noticed the little instagram feeds over there on the right.  Since those were installed it seems pointless to do phone uploads right to the blog.  Combine that with my neglect of my digital camera and it makes for some sporadic blog posts.  But don't worry, I'll still come through with some gems for you.  Just check out the last picture of this post for proof.

The number 1 kook.

Roder and Ben.

Yorgo's is the closest bar to my work.  I've had many lunches there and recently have stopped by with the crew on the weekend just because it's such a weird bar.  Nait likes wine, but hates wine glasses.  So he asked for his wine in a normal glass.  Well, he got a pint glass full of wine.  Normal for Yorgo's.

Fast forward a little bit and you get the record release for my friends in the Mean Jeans.  On 4/20 no less!  They played this show at the Eagles Lodge in SE.  This place usually hosts Friday night Bingo and is full of old timers.  I think everyone drank their bar out of beer.  They put up really well with a bunch of punks and drunks.  Their new album is tight as fuck so you better cop it!  Or see them play!  All info on their Facebook page.

Love is in the air after the show.

This is just amazing.  Some random girl says she'll take a picture of us and Dan gives the old surprise pants drop.  This shot has made my year already.


Photo Show!

One week from today in SLC I have some photos in a photo show.  I have a feeling that most anybody from that part of the country that reads this blog is friends with Sam and already knows about this.  So in that case, this is some seriously gratuitous self promotion.

Beard cut.

This is a funny thing that happened because I work with designers.



So many awesome videos coming out.
Ben didn't skate for a couple months due to some excuse about his contacts.  But once Brooke and Jared built an indoor ramp suddenly he can skate again.
Also, the most righteous band we know made a new video.  The Mean Jeans filmed their first video on the Dudebarn ramp and have been crushing it ever since.  They have a new album next week and I'm sure they will be so blacked out on Jager bombs that they might miss their release show.