Stuff from my office 2

This gem is also in the pile that goes into the boxes we send out. Someone is going to be real excited to get this alarm clock.


Stuff from my office.

Here's a new feature... Random stuff laying around the office. We have a fun game we play where we'll put random junk in boxes we send out to whoever. For example, a box of old floppy disks or 2 different size snowboard boots or Marc's first company cellphone. So we get a lot of the same junk back. We also get crazy stuff from the guys visiting factories in Asia.

So here's the first installment:


Go Buy this board.

It's time for On Deck 5, the art auction that benefits the Montana Skatepark Association. My contribution is up for bid now. It's a medium format, cross-processed shot of the Mission Mountains mounted on a skate deck.
Get over there and do some bidding because all the money goes to a good cause.


Mackenzie came out for her Spring Break. We spent a day at the beach.

We also went to the zoo. Bald Eagles!

And because the Winterhawks made the playoffs we were able to continue our tradition of going to a hockey game every spring. Conor somehow ended up sitting way down there.

Sunny day skate trip out to Forest Grove. It's a long haul but worth it.

Conor eyed up a gap from the car. We went on the way out of town and despite the blood, he conquered it.

I spent almost 2 weeks in Carlsbad for TWS's Skate and Create. I can't share any of the pictures of what we were up to for a little while.
Verg made a stop by on his way to Mexico. He made this new Safari Rack out of steel fencing from Home Depot and U-bolts.

Silas took a spill on the scooter.

Jake's shin is fucked so we fashioned this ghetto shin guard. It went well with his weed socks.

I cleaned out all the old wheels from around the work bench in the basement to make this sweet wheel necklace. I left it at the skatepark in Battle Ground. Some kids are going to be stoked. Unless they get the wheels with flatspots.

Saturday downtown mission.

It started to rain so we waited out the worst of it here.

It went from sun to this real quick.

But it dried up fast and we ended up at Wade's ramp. Conor did his first pivot fakie and couldn't have been happier.

The hardest part about rollerblading...

From Eddy Merkin via Team Robot.


costa rican wildlife

imperial from Patrick Smith on Vimeo.

From around the interwebs.

I've been lazy about the blog. So here are 2 shots of me skating from Conor's Highfivethumbsup. There are a lot more antics and double angles from adventures over there.

And courtesy of Nestor a shot of me at that rock Smolik skated.

costa rican representation