I like shows and seeing bands.  Especially when those bands have friends in them.  That makes it even more fun.  A little while back, my friend Morgan had the first show with his new band.  It was fun.  I can't wait for more Dead Tropics.  And playing right after them was Perils.  Here's what it looked like.


Reflecting on some summer.

Perfect timing.  You can count on the rain to return right around Halloween.  I liked the hot summer and all the dry days last winter.  But we need rain and for me the grey days force me to do indoor activities.  You know, like updating this blog.  I do miss those hot summer days and here are a few photos from the last part of summer.  Never forget...

Washougal River days.

Chelsea floating.

Neighbor cat, Tuxedo.  AKA Frank's girlfriend.

Danielle forcibly cools Walter down in the sprinkler.

Mini ramping.  Jen grinds.

Jesse shredding.

Atlin watching his dad.

JT is good.

I always shoot f/s 5-0s of Nate.

The Steve Neal show was on. 5-0 to fakie.

Derek, back D.

JT boneless one.


JT is really good.


Lewis River.

Xeno.  420.

Steve was going for it this day.

Igby had the cone of shame for a bit.


Saturday Street Mission

We got fired up on Saturday to hit some street spots.  We did a lot of driving but got a lot of skating done too.  Lots of fun rolling with new Portland residents Evan and Matt.  Definitely need to do more of this.

Evan goes up the stairs.

Evan, smith grind.

Alternate angle.

I met Kyle for the first time at this spot.  He ripped and we nerded out on cameras.

Ryan with the nollie tailslide.


Recent Skateboard fun.

I've been off my board for over a week now.  An unfortunate fall split my shin open and I had to get stitches.  They came out yesterday so I'm itching to skate.  A week off really lets me know how my sanity is entwined with being able to skateboard.  Any day now and I'll be back.

On a gloomy Sunday we headed under a bridge to do some slappies.  So satisfying.

 Steve 180s out of a 50-50.

Toby with the classic slappy.

 Tight crew.

I was having a blast on Monday.  It was hot, but not too hot and Phil's yard is really fun to skate.  It was a good, small crew and I posted up to take a few photos, then jumped back into the skate fun.  But it didn't end well.  I looped out of a carve grind and fell to the flat and caught my shins on the coping.  It hurt, but not bad enough to stop skating.  Until I saw my pant leg soaked in blood.  My shin caught the coping just right and split open.  It only took 3 stitches to patch it up.
Here are some of the photos before the bloodshed.

Ultimate Phil bluntslides down.

 And switch boardslides up.

 Slatky with the backlip.

And a textbook switch 5-0.

 And a smith on the pool coping wall.

And Brandon pulled out the staple gun.

Then my shin exploded and it was off to get stitched up.