So way back when in September, my fine friend Andrew Bassett had a birthday celebration.  A surprise, Red Hot Chili Pepper themed celebration.  And if you know anything about Andrew and his band, The Mean Jeans, you know that there will be plenty of J├Ąger too.  And we closed the night out with karaoke, of course!

The spread for the birthday boy.



Sometimes you get 2 of the same shirt.

So you make one into a vest.


Probably a Live song.

These guys also just released their latest rock and roll video!


Prints for sale!

I have a run of 10 of each of these Gonz shots.  Buy 1 for $100 or both for $150!  This includes shipping.  Hit me up georgefgd@hotmail.com


Honda Accord.

I guess living in Vancouver, WA with your mom is good for new songs, huh Danny?