Sick blog!

Sick as in I've been sick. Friday I had surgery for an inguinal hernia. They patched me up with some fancy plastic webbing and a gave me a bottle of percocets. Maybe I'll take a picture of the incision in the next few days. So the last few days have been confined to the couch and immediate vicinity. Being bored and looped out I decided to snap some shots. Especially since the sun was shining and I was wishing I was out playing in the sunlight. So here's my world.

Friday curled up with slippers.

Scenic views.

Other scenic views. Had the curtains drawn for awesome movie watching.

Roses are still blooming.

Amy brought home a pile of leaves.

Diesel enjoying the sunshine.

Maybe with her time in the sun.


N.O.I.S.E ride 2008

Saturday at high noon we kicked off the 2008 N.O.I.S.E ride at the Fresh Pot on Mississippi. I had never done the ride before but the weather was great, I have Verg's single speed, and I felt I had to rep the Eddy Merkin crew.
The course took us all around North Portland, through Forest Park, and then back to a bar in St Johns for post-ride beers and the crowning of the champ.

Kyle's quote of the day - Fun is Awesome!

Jake made this bike frame.

There are some good views from the bluffs.

Pit stop for provisions.

I guess Paisley claimed he was too busy to do the ride. But then we caught him in all his roadie gear.

At Columbia Park we played a game with a name I can't remember. The carcass below (old clothes stuffed with old bike parts and peg legs) starts in a ring on one side of the park and the goal of your team is to pick it up, ride it across the park and around a marker placed there, then return it to the ring. If your foot touches the ground you must ride back around the starting ring. Everything else goes. Apparently they play something similar in Rambo 3. I think everyone took one solid spill and the yellow spoke card team was victorious twice.

The ramps at Pirate's Cover are looking good.

Then there was this pretentious photo shoot.

The ride crew minus the 3 or 4 of us shooting photos.

Jake crafted this jump specifically for the ride. It kicked ass.

This guy was trying 360s and got really close. He was also wrecking right into blackberry brambles.

Some crazy dude rolled up on his little 50cc bike and his mustache to check the action.

This is just before the forest park bomb. It was a harsh climb (I walked most of it), then a sprint to the single track, and finally a downhill single track full of roots. Far beyond my biking capabilities but I made it through.

Back across the St. Johns bridge.

Kyle wrecked and his screen got smashed.

Chevil with Schlitz socks and white leather cargo shorts straight from the MLK Fashion Mall.

James took home the belt!

And Kyle earned himself a PBR tap.