I shot this the other day of Dorian doing a back tail pop out on this ledge.  I've never been able to get anything on the inside of the ledge.  It was fun to watch him figure it out.  Check out the footage on his gram.


A Little Friday Mission.

Steve, Sam, and I got together on Friday for some skating.  I hadn't been out to Scappoose for a while so it was nice to rip around that park.  Except that there were 3 terrible kids there just running their mouths about stupid shit.  And I had to yell at them not to break bottles next to the park.  As we left one of them asked another if he was a poser.  Yes, you're all posers.

Anyway, Sam was ripping which made for good photos.  With the exception of his rail ollie.  He rolled up and did it first try so I barely had time to frame it and the focus is off.  Oh well.  We then did slappies for a while.  Maybe check Steve's instagram for some footage.


 Over the hump. What time is it?

Hang time.

Back D.

The aforementioned blurry rail ollie photo.



For some reason we didn't camp at all last summer.  It just never worked out.  So I've been itching to get out this summer.  Chelsea and I had a free night so we threw everything together and headed to the mountains.  We brought Igby along and this was the first time he had ever been camping.  It took a little adjusting for him, but in the end I think he liked it a lot.


How long will a street spot last?

Portland isn't known for awesome street skating.  Sure, there are spots and some have been really good.  The rain takes its toll though.  An awesome spot can become pure crust after a winter or 2.  And all the growth in this city has prompted a much more liberal use of skate stoppers.  Then, out of nowhere there's a brand new spot and the minute I started skating it I thought, this was designed by a skateboarder.  If it wasn't, then there's some serious Love Park/EMB type of skate vibes manifesting in an architecture office somewhere.

The spot has been a go on the weekends and hopefully it stays that way.  Let's keep picking up our trash and staying out of the way of pedestrians.  And hopefully we can skate this all through the summer.

I forgot what Ryan was doing here.  I'll guess nollie tailslide.

Derek down.

Niles with the back tail.

Healy tailsliding.


Spencer was in town and ripping.

Silas was shredding the spot.  This was in a line and is one of those blunt variations that's hard to name.  I think fakie front blunt to fakie is best.  Or switch nollie nose blunt? haha.

Peep that footy.

Derek and Sam.

Sam with the lipslide.


Broken Pinky Photo Sale

As many of you know, I broke my pinky so bad that I needed surgery.  So my left hand is currently bundled up with a partial cast, wires in my pinky, and is mostly useless.  Because of this I'm unable to work as a bartender leaving me in a tough financial position.  While there are a few potential freelance jobs on the horizon, I decided to sell some photos to help generate more funds and help get me by.

I have 4 main prints that I'm selling and will print them in batches as they sell.  The black and white I will hand print in the darkroom and the color print I will have done at Blue Moon here in Portland.  They do amazing optical color prints.  Then, I have a bunch of prints from my archives.  They are multiples that I've been sitting on for a variety of reasons.  They can now be yours!

I'll list prices with each print that will include shipping.  I'll ship them flat in photo safe envelopes.
You can order via email - georgefgd@hotmail.com.  Payment can be made through paypal at the same email or you can use venmo.  If you're in Portland, I'll also accept cash and can hand deliver.

If there are any other photos of mine you'd like a print of I'm happy to do that also.  Hit me up and we can discuss size, pricing, etc.

Please send any questions my way - georgefgd@hotmail.com

Thank you!!!

Here are the 4 photos that I'm taking orders for and will print in batches.
First up we have Frank yawning.  One of my favorites shots of him.
8x10 black and white print $30 including shipping.

Steve frontside feeble.
8x10 black and white print $30 including shipping.

 Weiss Liquors.  Nashville.
8x10 black and white print $30 including shipping.

 Glacier National Park star trails.
8x10 color print $30 including shipping.

Here are extra prints from my archives.  A few have multiples, but mostly one offs.  If they sell, I'll remove them from the page so availability is current.  Each print priced individually.

Gonz portrait from Australia, 2012.
8x10 prints, $20 each, includes shipping.
I have multiples of this print.  It is slightly flawed.  I was having darkroom issues and there are dark spots along the edges.  They are only on the edges and not on the image.


Here are a few extras from my show "People And The Skateboards They Belong To."
One of each print is available.
$30, 8x10 print.  Shipping included.

 One of my favorite things to shoot are blossoms in the spring time.  Here are just some of the many polaroids I've shot of these.
$20 for each individual polaroid shot.  Includes shipping.
Buy 5 of them and I'll throw in a 6th for free.
Shot on Fuji FP-100 with a Polaroid land camera.  Each photo is one of a kind.
If you order one of these I'll pick them at random unless there is a specific shot you'd like.

Thank you for looking and thank you for the support!