Friends' birthdays and America's birthday.

Just a warning that some of these pictures are a little old now. I'm slow getting them off my camera.

Went to LA and got to skate this amazing new plaza in North Hollywood with my old homie Tim Martinez.

Hegarty had a birthday in June. We BBQed. Amy gave some water to T-Bone and Diesel.

Mark rocking his birthday gifts.


Super tight home made shirt. I heart cats.

Of course Ethan had a baked potato bar for his birthday.

Verg wore his formal gear.

Kyle and Cheevil like high fives because fun is awesome.

Fire up that grill for the Fourth.

Dan knows how to party.

And he brought Ultimate Phil along for the fun.

Lots o'bikes.


Which leads to Roman candles.

Child seat and the Excaliber firework? Jonah knows good parenting.

Dan wore his special fireworks lighting gear.

Add some bottle rockets to spice it up.

Why not shoot one from your teeth? Probably dangerous.

Kyle's to-do list with many party additions.



Thanks to Ryan Holloway who shot this when he was in town skating the ramp.