More Halloween!

I swear that Halloween is now a month long. This weekend was a blast. I have tons of great photos but have not recovered enough to edit, post, etc.
At the Nemo party last night they had free prom-style photos. They had to be scanned and shared with the world. And since I had the scanner out there were a couple Polaroids that got digitized. My scanner is horrible so bare with me on these.

Dude Barn crew.

Class of 2007.

This is Pat's idea of having babies.

Barnside construction crew.


Halloween Comes Early

Carboy came up with the brilliant idea to have a Halloween party about a week and a half before Halloween. The reasoning behind it was that the weekends before and after will be full of other parties and stuff to do. I was unprepared for this and went with no costume but damn was it a great time. One of the best dance parties in years. When Panama came on everyone in the house was dancing around and singing at the top of their lungs.

Who brought these Frat Boys?

It was like Soul Train up in that piece.

Full-on Mexican wrestling match.

Nice hat.

It was really scary how much Eric's costume was like parallel universe Eric. It was like looking into the mirror of "what if I never started skating?"

I certainly had a good time.

The great part about this photo is that the place looks empty even though there were tons of people there.
Also, Andreas do I get photo incentive for this? Or do you need me for the next Sweatpants photo shoot?

I really hope this picture didn't ruin Brandon's chances with that girl he's talking to.

On the late night/early morning walk home this huge leaf caught my eye.

I had to walk because someone stripped my ride while it was locked up.

Sushi Night

Our good friend Jenny just moved back to town. To celebrate we went down to the Pearl and got busy with some sushi, sake, and beers. And of course followed this up up with Karaoke at Yen-ha.

Waiting for our table sake shots.

Nice spread.

Doug getting it fired up.

This is the proper way to drink sake, right?

Jenny brought a lint roller with her because she was wearing all black. That's dedication.

This is like Kotar's Blue Steele.


Recent Skate Mission/Dude Barn times

Set out on one those amazing autumn days for some skating. The ramp is a lot of fun but we had to switch it up. Headed towards Donald but hit Holly Farms and Tualatin on the way. This is combined with some random weekend pics.

Dude Barn lurkers.

Where your dogs at?

Epic evening sky over Donald.

Pat getting all front boards over the stairs.

Steve frontside grinder.

Pat, going frontside.

This says it all.

Pet Aid

Got the hookups to go to Pet Aid. Satellite Party and Smashing Pumpkins played and I'm not a big fan of either but free tickets and a Limo really sealed the deal for me.
The best part of the ride there is that Jess's kids, Skylar and Ruby, brought Total Recall to watch on the little TV/VCR combo.

Colby will cut you.

Paul looks happy having Amy yell at him.

Satellite party played some Jane's Addiction songs. That was cool.

Colby, Tracy, and Amy.

Hell yeah!

Things got weird on the ride home.


This goes back a bit because ASR has been over for a while now. But I have to start somewhere with all these photos.


I hung out with a couple of Chrises. Fine Montana folk.

This is from the flight home. I was exhausted and the flight was delayed which made it worse. Plus I missed all of Music Fest NW while in San Diego. Wolf Parade played the night I got home and for a minute I told myself I should go. No chance.

I used to live with Adam. I also lived with his brother. JG is an old friend from Boulder. If you are ever there go check out Satellite board shop.

Josh and EMag are also friends from the Boulder days. Josh and I took an insanely hard calculus class in college. Our professor was awesome.

Bad Shit played.

2 fine San Francisco residents and Lowcard reppers.

Check the trife.

This crazy Canadian was there. I heard he started the new Fedorah trend that is sweeping skateboarding...

These shoes are not appropriate for a Montana boy. Justin claimed they were his "going out shoes." Maybe it's time to get out of SD dude.

This is his reaction to that.

Some building.

VIP status? Probably not.