19th Place

It feels like I was just in Tampa. Now it's back again for the Pro contest. The more time I spend there, the more little gems I find.

Here is the decorations at one of those gems. Brocato's sandwhiches. Yum.

Saw the Forgetters. They're no Jawbreaker but they're good.

Party Koerner came out swinging.

Scott and Bobby.

adidas reppers Falla and Freddie.

Spent entirely too much time in here.

But it was fun skating. Thanks for the sick photo Rob!

I want a free shirt!

Pat rules. You should go look at his blog.

Dennis killed it.

Darin scopes Dennis's winnings.

Keegan was ripping all weekend and genuinely stoked to get 3rd.

Dennis and Darin get serious at dinner.

Eric, Kenny, and Erica at the spot of the weekend, The Reservoir.

Duffy and Pete.

Thanks again SPoT dudes!


The dudebarn from space!

Finally visible on google maps. It's not recent enough to include the ramp additions. But with this and the Coda board coming out soon, we've definitely hit the big time.