Dudes In Texas - a zine.

Back in February I went to Texas with Conor, Dave Herr, and Nate Coonrod.  Plus new NYC friends Kevin Sanders, Kevin Graver, Paul Coots, and Uncle Ronnie.  We had a lot of fun skating and enjoying the night life of Austin.  A couple months have gone by and I've finally collected photos and drawings from those dudes and put them together into a zine.  So here it is - Dudes In Texas.  I would like you to buy a copy.  It's only $6 including shipping.  Or $5 if you're in Portland and I can hand deliver it to you.  Hit me with that paypal and your address at georgefgd@hotmail.com.  Yeah, I still use hotmail.

Dudes In Texas - 24 pages of photos, drawings, and words.

And check out the video on the post below!