My point and shoot camera recently died.  It has slowly been on the way out, but finally got to the point of undependability.  With that gone I turned to my trusty old digital point and shoot that created most of the images on this blog.  I'd forgotten about that little guy.  It takes great pictures but it's starting to feel a little slow in this age of ever-faster computing.  Funny that a 6 year old digital camera feels outdated when most of my film cameras are 20, 30, even over 40 years old and still shoot great.  Anyway, stuff happened and sometimes I pushed a little button that makes an image.  Now they are coming at you through the interwebs.

Made a trip downtown for First Thursday fun.  My boys Craig Wheat and Dominic DeVenuta had an awesome show at Upper Playground.  It's up for a couple months and well worth checking out.  Painted car doors, rear view mirrors, and weapons.  Good stuff.

 I also checked out the launch of All Bad Days Fall line.  I didn't get a picture of their gear, but just these 2 lovebirds.

Somewhere in there I made Xeno try this wallride too.

The next night I had my own photo show.  29 half-frame prints that are part skateboard portrait and part person portrait.  I had so much fun.  Big thank yous to everyone who came and to Widmer for free beer.  Jen made a good write up on her blog.  It's better than me talking about myself.  Here's what it looked like though.

The next night we celebrated Danny's birthday.  Bread organized a surprise party for him.  I was amazed Danny didn't catch on.  But he did celebrate all day and the friends that were bringing home for the party distracted him with drinks so he didn't attend his party long before passing out.  He was so happy though.  And so surprised.  Full freak out when he saw everyone there.

Then Bread carried him to the fridge to be put on top which is now a tradition for Danny's bday.

He did fall off the first time.

The partied carried on long after he was asleep. 

And for once, Nait wasn't the first guy asleep at a party.