This goes back a bit because ASR has been over for a while now. But I have to start somewhere with all these photos.


I hung out with a couple of Chrises. Fine Montana folk.

This is from the flight home. I was exhausted and the flight was delayed which made it worse. Plus I missed all of Music Fest NW while in San Diego. Wolf Parade played the night I got home and for a minute I told myself I should go. No chance.

I used to live with Adam. I also lived with his brother. JG is an old friend from Boulder. If you are ever there go check out Satellite board shop.

Josh and EMag are also friends from the Boulder days. Josh and I took an insanely hard calculus class in college. Our professor was awesome.

Bad Shit played.

2 fine San Francisco residents and Lowcard reppers.

Check the trife.

This crazy Canadian was there. I heard he started the new Fedorah trend that is sweeping skateboarding...

These shoes are not appropriate for a Montana boy. Justin claimed they were his "going out shoes." Maybe it's time to get out of SD dude.

This is his reaction to that.

Some building.

VIP status? Probably not.

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