The dude barn hosts the Mean Jeans

I had only a week between my trip to LA and the next journey to Mexico City/NYC. That weekend in between was a blast. Did some skating but most importantly the dude barn decided that a party with bands in their tiny living room would be a blast. Who can argue with that? Not the Mean Jeans.

Great face on Andrew, great face on Maybe.

Ben Graham is a recent transport from Montana. Always glad to add more. Joe is from Ohio and knows how to carry a beer.

This is what shotgunning a beer does to Doug.

I believe Kyle was commenting on how much taller he and Amy are than everyone else at the party.

That wig couldn't hide Christian's pony tail.

Let the show begin...

Ethan is on point with a 40 and BGPs.

The pit was sick!!!

This is Pat actually stealing Andrew's drum stick.

He then proceeded to hit the cowbell for the next 3 songs until Andrew had enough and took the cowbell off the hi-hat.

Party Animal!

Because of our neighborhood we had some really random heads roll through. One dude was trying to sell rock. And one dude had a pair of Jordan's over his shoulder. They were eventually purchased for $10. Jen rocked them for a bit with Billy's Fitty hat.

Late February backyard BBQs. Spring must be on the way.
Egg machines.

Bloody steak in one hand, PBR in the other.

Kool Thing kept watch over the whole deal.

This is jumping ahead to after the return from my trip. We went and saw Chris Fairbanks deliver some stand-up comedy. The bar happened to have Big Buck Hunter on which Verg set some new high scores. Probably because he's actually shot at some wild animals before.

Bike party.

Mexico City and NYC photos coming soon.

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