Bury my board at swollen knee

While in Canada I hung up on a b/s 5-0 in a bowl and fell straight to my knee. In the process I somehow kicked the ground and bruised the joint of my pinky toe. Nothing else to show from the slam except a limp. Going on a week and a half now it's starting to feel better but still not enough to skate. So I've done a bunch of lurking in the last week.

It started with Colin asking if the Bacon team could come session the ramp. Of course.

This little dude is name Tyler. His mom was taking him on a skatepark tour of Oregon. So rad. He was rocking an Iron Maiden, Killers shirt and his mom bought beer for everyone. Did I mention he killed the ramp?

Johnny T.

This is the craziest thing to go down on the ramp so far. We still haven't hacked off the old railing and Tim Johnson decided he would blunt the 2x6.

Friday was Skylar's 12th birthday. Water slide blow-up castle? Check! Perfect for the 100 degree weather we were having.

Jess and Indy.

Saturday was a double whammy of the Adult Soap Box Derby and Kyle's birthday. We mobbed bikes out to Mt. Tabor, watched some racing, drank a couple beers, and headed home dehydrated. I missed a photo op of the best car which had a full stage rigging, a fake hair metal band, gNr blasting, and the microphone was the steering.

Onward to Kyle's birthday BBQ. KT was lounging hard in the heat.

Kyle named his rocket James Worthy's Way and dressed it up like James Worthy.

It went first and had the most erratic flight.

But it is the only rocket that came close to landing back in the yard.

Kyle instantly grew a mustache at age 28.

I'm such a power cyclist that I cracked my rear dropout in half. Time for a new frame I guess.

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