Manish Weekend of Freedom.

I found a couple random shots that never got posted so here they are.

Pickett's ride is sweet.

It was Rawl's birthday and he showed us this... Apparently it is really big with the kids he teaches. Stick your finger in here. Kate was impressed.

Weirdest named beer I've had.

This kid rips around the Tualatin park with a bike tube rigged up to strap him onto his board. There is some footage of him in one of the clips below.

Then birthday weekend came. 2 car loads of dudes from Vancouver came down for a manish weekend of freedom. The visit was too quick but we had loads of fun.

12 dudes in a van on the way to bar.

Verg rocks shants always.

Last night of having the raddest neighbors ever.

This is what the house looked like with 6 extra people.

Amy slams her kamikaze while I get creepy.

Aren't they just adorable?

Not sure what Kyle is doing here?

I might be a little late to this but I think it's the best thing ever. Work productivity just dropped as a result. Eye On Springfield.

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