Hesh Law.

Here are some newly digitally captured images for your enjoyment. There is some skating, friends visiting, celebrating, and real mail. The weather was fucked today with rain, sun, hail, and a nice enough evening to skate in a t-shirt. I guess that means it's Spring.

Colin broke his board about 10 minutes into the ramp session. He setup Dave's old creature board and complained about it the whole time. We told him the best he's ever skated was on that Creature board. We also invoked Hesh Law several times.

Egbert grinding the far wall. All those globes of light are pieces of dust.

Just look at Colin shredding!

Egbert wanted me to call this one something like "working in the garage all day."

This is a look of concern about removing and then having to reinstall the booster seat. Thanks for the ride home.

Amanda came from Colorado to visit!

Derek with laser eye and next to Jill.

This is the best smile I could get out of Amy.

The Kiknbaque turned Chances turned Local is now open. It's nice so we'll have to scum it up a little bit.

Jill, Amanda, and Meredith.

Alyson pointed out that I always capture weird moments with her and Christian. Here he is getting something out of her eye.

This guy was hanging at the art show at Dept.

Cody's birthday!

Do this with cupcakes...

... and end up like this.

Jim Carr and his country band. These guys were killing it. They were all older dudes except the one young guy that shredded on guitar. The bass player had a stand so he could play a normal bass like a stand up.

Brandon checking out what's on the menu.

I got a lot of rad mail recently.
This came from the Cookout.

This from Jason Duffany.

This from a. frisby.

And this from Charlie Wray.
For more photo exchange stuff check out Jai's website. There's a recent shot of mine up there.

My friends know I'm a big Simpsons fan (who isn't?) and this last Sunday was the first episode I caught with the new HD intro. And like the post on eye on springfield I think it's bullshit.

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