Lazy blogging.  That's what this is.  No long winded story about recent events.  This is most of December and some November thrown in for good measure.

Tampa Am.

Vince can shred vert.

I puked.  Big surprise.

Back home for Doug's wedding.  We invented a vodka gravy shot.

Kurt was not afraid.

Nothing says I love you like singing a Brooks & Dunn song.

Thanksgiving happened.  Krissy put together a good spread.

Off to Colorado again.  I arrived just in time for Maggie's birthday.

Dummy (the cat) killed this mouse and brought it to the party.  Nice birthday present if you ask me.

I guess this is when things got weird?

Bowling a few nights later.  Adam took such a large lead Maggie and Marika had to search for him.

Obviously a strike.

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