Pat on Coffee?

I like that Pat has a long history in skateboarding.  When random clips of him pop up in old 411s we all get excited and harass the shit out of him - "I can't believe you only got 3rd in that contest!"

I stumbled across this today on Vert Is Dead.  I don't remember Coffee skateboards, but apparently they sponsored Pat.

And while we're on the subject of Pat, he texted me the other night claiming a comeback.  Well, I say it's not a comeback until he enters Tampa Pro.  Only one month away Pat!


brandon said...

blogging at work?

000 said...

whoa, holy old westminster park!

cut throat said...

Lunch break blogging.

Petunia said...

I met him awhile back in NY and he goes "oh, so you're the other Pat I've been hearing about" true story.