Worst New York Trip Ever...

Not that NYC did anything bad to me.  I knew I was in trouble when I felt the onset of a cold a few days before leaving.  I knew it would ruin some of the fun I might have but I didn't know it would result in the bloody nose that landed me in the ER.  So, I need an NYC redo.  Not sure when that will be, but it will happen.

Made it to the Thrasher art show on Thursday night.  It was mellow and I saw lots of friends.  The Dennis McNett masks were rad.

Fuck yeah, hanging out with Dorothy Leigh!

Serene took this photo and said, "You guys look like assholes."

This is Lyndsey's angle and it was better than mine.

 This was my first time hanging with 'Ssippi Joe.  It was his birthday so he was fired up.

But being fired up means you might get choked out.

Reppin for PJ.  This shirt got a lot of blood on it later.  See the post a few below this.

Dorothy and Lyndsey might be best friends now.

Made it to the finals of Maloof.

Look out world, Tim has a baby.  Townes Danger O'Connor.

 Dennis brought home second place!

Is it weird that Danny Kass was in there with all these kids getting Dennis's autograph?

Rune was excited about the cup.

Filmporvida has made me really enjoy checking the mail.  I get rad stuff all the time and have fun sending postcard photos to a bunch of people around the world that I don't know.  Well, I do know some of them.  Hit me up if you want to exchange!
These shots from Charlie, Tubbs, Eric, Sam, and the postcard from Andreas showed up this week.

I might be developing a shoe problem.