Happy New Year?

Transition.  Moving from 2011 on to 2012.  A new house with a new roommate and lots of exciting, new things to look forward to.  But with that comes reflecting on the past.  For some reason a tidal wave of unpleasantness came flooding back from some of the shitty stuff I went through in 2011 and 2010.  It took a couple days of self pity and sad songs to shake off and to remember that a new year is a chance to start fresh.  It also helps to have awesome friends and family.  All you have to do is browse through the posts on here to see we have a great crew of friends and that more awesomeness is on the way.  I'm ready for more fun and less bullshit this year.

 Verg was here to celebrate his birthday.  As always we partied and celebrated another year of him being the smartest person he knows.

Frank lives at the dudeban now.

Obviously sanitary conditions.  And the guys wondered why the fridge smelled so bad.

 New Year's Eve started like this.  And it looked to be awesome.  But nothing on the scale of the last 2 years of Belmont parties was on the agenda. 

Efforts were made at partying.

Maybe if the Dem Dam Thang Boyz had performed we all would have partied harder and had more fun?  Maybe next year?

New Year's Day at the Bluffs.

Then it was off to Colorado for a late Xmas.  This coffee cake is a family tradition.  And yes, it's fucking delicious.

 My sister, Hilary, is just a little bit pregnant.

Jack the one-eyed chihuahua likes sitting on my feet.

Stacey's birthday.

Let's do face shaking photos!

Back in Portland a few days later...  Bacon, Jake, and Jessica came out from Montana for a little tradeshow action.  And as always karaoke was on the agenda.
Cheyne kicked us off.

These 2 always have an epic duet up their sleeve.

The night wouldn't be complete without Bacon climbing Clayton like he's some kind of jungle gym.

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