Early August Roundup.

I know my phone is never going to take photos as well as my camera.  That's what, in part, keeps this blog alive.  And if I someday do finally pull it together and buy a scanner that can do negatives there might be even more to post.  It's funny to think that with the rise of Instagram that blogs feel analog now.  With that said, here's some more crap I've been up to with all those guys I always hang out with. 
Quick side note before you scroll down.  We had a friend accompany us to the river the other day.  On the hike down to the river spot she was asking me about skating.  She asked me, "so you guys go out skating most days and all day on the weekends?"  To which I replied yes.  And that was met with, "do any of you have girlfriends?" in a tone that implied that none of us would answer yes. This is a funny, accurate observation.  It's also a brief summation of me and many of my friends.  To paraphrase my friend Sam - skateboarding is longest relationship I've ever been in. (sorry if I butchered that Sam)  And it's not likely to start taking a back seat any time soon.  As long as my ankle heals.  Haha.

Summer time means backyard movies.

 You thought there wouldn't be karaoke?  I think this guy sang Nickelback.  Weird, right?

We caught wind of a 90s themed hiphop dance party.  And we're never the ones to pass up an opportunity to dress up and trying to bum people out.  So of course we were there.  Minus the beard and tattoos this could almost be a picture of me from the late 90s.  I've owned both the jersey and hat about that long.  Brandon has probably had those Timbos that long too.

90s, maybe not.  Weird, yes.  Ace Dough Tribute.

This is how new dances are born.

Show your tits!

And from out of nowhere the dance party became a shirless dance party!

And pantsless if you're Danny wearing an elephant thong.

Don't be coy with me.

I can hear Nait laughing just looking at this photo.

Chris would be right in the middle of this.

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