How long will a street spot last?

Portland isn't known for awesome street skating.  Sure, there are spots and some have been really good.  The rain takes its toll though.  An awesome spot can become pure crust after a winter or 2.  And all the growth in this city has prompted a much more liberal use of skate stoppers.  Then, out of nowhere there's a brand new spot and the minute I started skating it I thought, this was designed by a skateboarder.  If it wasn't, then there's some serious Love Park/EMB type of skate vibes manifesting in an architecture office somewhere.

The spot has been a go on the weekends and hopefully it stays that way.  Let's keep picking up our trash and staying out of the way of pedestrians.  And hopefully we can skate this all through the summer.

I forgot what Ryan was doing here.  I'll guess nollie tailslide.

Derek down.

Niles with the back tail.

Healy tailsliding.


Spencer was in town and ripping.

Silas was shredding the spot.  This was in a line and is one of those blunt variations that's hard to name.  I think fakie front blunt to fakie is best.  Or switch nollie nose blunt? haha.

Peep that footy.

Derek and Sam.

Sam with the lipslide.

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