A Little Friday Mission.

Steve, Sam, and I got together on Friday for some skating.  I hadn't been out to Scappoose for a while so it was nice to rip around that park.  Except that there were 3 terrible kids there just running their mouths about stupid shit.  And I had to yell at them not to break bottles next to the park.  As we left one of them asked another if he was a poser.  Yes, you're all posers.

Anyway, Sam was ripping which made for good photos.  With the exception of his rail ollie.  He rolled up and did it first try so I barely had time to frame it and the focus is off.  Oh well.  We then did slappies for a while.  Maybe check Steve's instagram for some footage.


 Over the hump. What time is it?

Hang time.

Back D.

The aforementioned blurry rail ollie photo.

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