San Francisco/Underskatement

I had the opportunity to go to SF for the opening of Underskatement. It was rad to get a couple days away with Amy and to see all the old friends in the city. I only wish the trip could have been longer. It seems there is never enough time to do everything.

5th and Market waiting for the F Train

Bay Bridge dividers.

Cranes for the container ships.

One of my favorite watering holes.

It's always good to have this crew show up.

Dave documenting.

Santa Cruzians.


These 2 put together a kick ass program.

Conor's beard has gotten so tough it now smokes.

Lindsey, Julia, and Amy.

Raul and Jascha - adidas international reppers.

Trippe and BJ.

Irving and Busenitz.

Dude Barners - Me and Pat.

Matt D likes his dogs wrapped in bacon.

Irving and Busenitz again.


This a lot of skate talent in one spot.

Reija and myself.

I have no idea what Reija and Dave are up to.

2 Smiths.

What's up Eckler?

I think I know these guys from somewhere.

Brett was fired up.

I think this had something to do with being a squirrel.

Irvings and Brett.

Amy and Mic-e.

There really is no better crew to spend a Sunday with.

Andrew filled us in on this top secret hideout overlooking Union Square.

Dorothy Leigh and Amy.

Industrial Laundry chute.

Awesome pizza dinner out in the Sunset.

I like finding new spots in SF by accident. The Irish Bank is a great little spot.

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