Underskatement in Portland or why my weekend was blurry.

Underskatement rolled into Portland for the start of the world tour. Andreas and Dave stayed at my house and we began letting loose all over Portland. Things started out with roller skating for Steve's birthday. Oaks park is a strange place. However, while lurking in the arcade I did slaughter Andreas at Big Buck Hunter.

Andreas and the birthday boy.

Scott and Ashley joined in on the fun.

That crazy dangling platform over the middle of the rink is home to a massive organ. I would have rather heard that being played than the crap music blaring our of the place.

The Mean Jeans are pretty much the only band I go see play these days.

Back behind the bar doing stupid shit.

Ethan was trying to explain to me how this was going to be his Christmas card.

Our night on Saturday started with some Whale Tail watching. We got double this view when she bent over but I was laughing to hard to take a photo.

Post-Underskatement and drinking at the bar next door, we headed to some party where Carboy was the DJ. We instantly bummed him out. We bombarded him with requests for 80s music and Van Halen. He insisted that it was not that type of party.

Billy, Scott, and Ashley - all in one shirt.

Carboy play some 80s music!

The party looked like this.

I could care less about dude in the foreground but just check out the background.

Good old Pork Water!

Lovejoy's dance moves are chain melting.

Joe lurking and throwing them up.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this guy had something to do with the food fight I don't remember.

Finally Carboy played something good. He even got himself fired up.

Next day, not feeling so hot.

The waitress was completely unimpressed with this.

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